best budget laptop 2015

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best budget laptop 2015  - best laptop 2015- new laptop 2015 

The very best laptops of 2015 - get the low-down with our buying guide, in-depth reviews and definitive chart

From low-cost laptops to high-end hybrids, the explosion of diverse, different-shaped Windows devices means that there's a dizzying amount of choice out there.
Picking out a laptop isn't easy. It's hard to really understand whether or not a computer is right for your needs until you've actually used it for a while.
Maybe it's a bit more clunky than you thought when you carry it in your bag during a commute. Perhaps the screen is too reflective for your liking when you're watching Netflix. And worst of all, what if the battery life is much shorter than you expected?

We've researched some of the best laptops on the market and combed through reviews to at least give you some of the best options to choose from. 

best budget laptop 2015  - best laptop 2015- new laptop 2015

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