Galaxy S5: Overview of foreign tests

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new phones coming out: Galaxy S5

Still officially scheduled for a European release tomorrow , the Galaxy S5 has already been tested by a handful of sites. Three caught our attention , namely those made ​​by GSMArena , Anandtech of Techradar .

Start with the aspect that is most controversial : the design of the device . Techradar for the "plastic" Galaxy S5 side is too far and even the level of low-cost smartphones found in the market . The author of the test even comes to expect the next announcement of a premium version of the device, with a metal design . Anandtech side , the situation is a little less bitter, but the use of plastic remains a problem and prevents the smartphone to achieve perfection . Finally, GSMArena is a bit more flexible and recognizes that this fifth generation Galaxy S is the most successful in terms of look, even believe that the surface of the back cover is very nice to the touch . The site admits that this look is not clear appeal to everyone.

new phones coming out

It there's however many points on which everyone agrees, starting with the quality of the screen. GSMArena boasts an "amazing display has been improved" and particularly appreciate the brightness of the panel. Techradar think the screen GS5 is "one of the best on the market" and is "the best part of the phone easily." Again, the brightness of the panel 5.1'' is emphasized, it is 22% more efficient than the Galaxy S4. Color fidelity also seems to go and it has definitely forgotten old wanderings of AMOLED on this point. Anantech drives the point home by stating that the screen GS5 is "dramatically better" than the S4.

The life of the battery ( 2600 mAh passing 2800 mAh ) is also a point that remains flawless. Anandtech ad a little more than 10 hours of web surfing 4G, while GSMArena advance more than 11 hours of video playback. The famous " Ultra Power Save Mode " system, which passes the display and black and white and disables most data connections , however seems a little less convincing , since our foreign colleagues were not totally seduced by its effectiveness , which appears to greatly vary depending on the use . In standby , the smartphone remains lit indeed very long, but any use of the Web brings down the level of battery very quickly. This Ultra Power Saving Mode seems primarily made ​​for an ultra limited use of the phone as text messages or calls.

Side "innovation" , the fingerprint sensor on the front looks fine overall function and shows effective, but three tests agree that the Apple iPhone 5S solution is more efficient. The fingerprint recognition is sometimes random, and Techradar reports that the use of the thumb to unlock the device seems less precise than the index. In contrast, the heart rate sensor on the back does not really convince , and effectiveness tests fall relative.

new phones coming out

The camera, meanwhile, seems more successful than ever, especially when shooting outdoors and in broad daylight. Indoors and with flash, the situation is also very positive, but Anandtech still believes that, on this point, the result is better on the iPhone 5S and the new HTC One. The three sites boast against by the interface speed of autofocus, and the completeness of functions.

In short, overall, the Galaxy S5 seems largely convincing and should logically be again one of the best smartphones of six months. If surprises are relatively few, Samsung has still done a great job of updating, to offer the almost perfect device. To be confirmed during our test course.

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